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3 months- 5 years

Active Games
This program is for pre school aged children 1-5 years of age. Children get to participate in active games, creative and craft activities, among other age appropriate activities that promote social interaction, physical activity, and motor skill development.  

Child Minding
This service is included with a family membership, can be utilized  by those who require care for their child(ren) while using the YMCA. Time limit: 2 hours. Come join us, there is no need to register! 

3-12 years old

Active & Creative Kids
This drop-in program offers a variety of activities for children including sports, crafts, active games and fitness. The goal of this program is to encourage children to have a healthy lifestyle in a supervised, fun and safe environment.


Children ages 3-12 years can enjoy an evening of swimming, games, activities and dinner. A slice of pizza and a juice is included. Additional pizza and popcorn can be purchased. Cost is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members. Don’t miss out – register now!

Fri Y program dates:

- Friday, September 1st
- Friday, October 19th
- Friday, November 23rd 
- Friday, December 14th

*All Sorts of Sports
This program is an opportunity for participants to engage in a variety of different sports.  They will learn the basic skills needed to play the game.

6-12 years old


This registered program emphasizes a non-aggressive approach towards conflict resolution as well as instruction in all the basic blocks, kicks and striking techniques

Yoga Kids
Yoga can help children gain a positive relationship to their bodies; increase balance, flexibility, coordination, and can help improve performance and confidence in a active lifestyle. Regular yoga proactive does wonders for a child development: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This program will be taught by a certified instructor where they will do stories, art and creative visualizations.

This basketball program emphasizes physical literacy and aims to help little ones develop and build upon their fundamental movement skills. This is achieved through games and activities that promote this development.

Kidz Brickz
This program challenges children to use blocks to construct different things such as mazes, structures/towers and much more. Kids will have to plan, create, experiment and improve as they go.

Board Game Club
Who doesn't love board games?! This program will offer small and large group games using all the games you know and love.

Specialty Programs - PA Day/Holiday Program**

At the YMCA of Western Ontario, we’d like you to join us this year for fun-filled PA Day and Holiday Programs. With caring staff, exciting activities and terrific facilities…the YMCA is a great place to be when school is out. Each program includes active time in the gym and swimming. Parents are responsible for packing nut free snacks and lunches. Come grow with us in Spirit, Mind and Body all year round. Registration required. 

Learn more about Physical literacy at the Y

Open Swim Admission Policy

Children aged 8 and under must be accompanied WITHIN ARMS REACH by a guardian 13 and over. Guardians can supervise a maximum of two children at a time. They can supervise a maximum of four children if all children are in lifejackets.
Children 9 to 12 must have a guardian on the pool deck. If they pass a swim test (issued by lifeguards) the guardian can remain in the building and leave the pool deck.
Anyone 13 and over can enter the pool area unaccompanied.

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