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A Magical Place by Patti Baker

I kept hearing about a magical place called CQE.

I had always wanted my kids to have the opportunity to go to camp, make new friends and try new activities. I wanted them to go on out-trips, sleep in a tent and to grow, smile and have the best time ever.

Camp Queen Elizabeth, or CQE as it's called, was the camp for us.

Emma, my daughter, was first to go to CQE five years ago. She absolutely fell in love with this camp the minute she was warmly greeted by the CQE counsellors at the bus stop. I however, was the parent wearing sunglasses to hide my tears as Emma boarded the bus to take on this new adventure.

But those tears of mine quickly turned to sheer joy as I followed along with Emma’s adventure on the CQE Facebook page and I saw how happy, safe and busy she was at camp. There were tons of photos of kids canoeing, swimming and sailing. They were playing games like capture the flag, doing crafts, creating drama skits, and there were always tons of smiling faces. It was truly an enchanting array of activities and display of joy.

After Emma returned home, it was then my son, Mackenzie, who would experience CQE for the very first time. Emma eagerly explained everything he needed to know, even helping him pack his bags. Emma couldn’t wait for Mackenzie to experience all the fun she had at camp.

Emma and I stood at the bus stop together and waved goodbye to Mackenzie, both knowing he would love it and Emma of course, secretly wishing to be going too! It is safe to say Mackenzie LOVED every minute.

Because of all these things, and so much more, CQE has helped shape who my children are today.

Friendships were formed, independence was discovered and self-confidence was encouraged and celebrated. They learned problem solving skills on out-trips, incredible lifelong skills, and both now have an exceptional appreciation for the outdoors.

Both my kids have grown up at this wonderful place called CQE, each in their own way, but both equally delighted and thankful about the opportunity they have been given. For that, I am grateful for this magical place called CQE.

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