Change Stems From a Communities’ Roots
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 4:10PM
Real change begins at the roots, and no one’s knows this better than the Windsor/Essex Community Garden Collective.  The Collective is a grass-roots organization dedicated to bringing communities together under a shared common goal, preserving the beauty in our city’s gardens. How are they doing this you  ask?  Taking currently vacant lots which have been cast aside, daily volunteers from local Chinese, Sundanese, and Karen communities come together to weed and water a plethora of fruits and vegetables that you normally can’t find in the grocery store. This inspiring group initiative not only nurtures the body, but the soul as well!
Inspired by this initiative?  Want to set up a community garden of your own? Well you can! New and interested gardeners are welcome to reach out to the Windsor Community Garden Collective to receive guidance and advice on how to jump start the change in your  community. Here the Collective will teach gardeners how to care for and build  a community garden. Community gardens are growing more than just food; they are creating caring and socially responsible neighborhoods.
With summer time upon us, it is not too late to plant your gardens. With hot days and cool nights what you choose to plant can determine the success of your garden. For all you avid gardeners here are a few tips to consider:
1.       Start as early as possible and make sure you are using the best fertilizer;
2.       Make sure your garden isn’t thirsty! When planting your fruit or vegetable garden this summer, be sure to regularly water your garden especially on those humid days to ensure your garden bears tasty fruits that you can enjoy;
3.       For the best colour, steer towards planting pansies and pussy willow branches, as they flourish in the cool weather and can be planted even on hot summer days. Bonus, pussy willows make fantastic centerpieces for the dining table!
Making a change has never been easier. Whether it is becoming an active member of your community and joining a community garden or taking  steps to grow your garden at home, start today and see the seeds of change grow! For more information visit 


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