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Certification and Leadership Programs

Lifesaving and Lifeguarding Programs:
Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid
First step in Advanced Lifesaving. Emphasis is placed on CPR and recovery position, treatment of shock and hypothermia as well as various rescue techniques.
Prerequisite: Bronze Star. Without Bronze Star – Must be 13 years of age by the last day of the course, and the ability to tread water for a minimum of 45 seconds.
Extra Charges for Canadian Lifesaving Manual ($42).

Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid
Second step in Advanced Lifesaving. Emphasis is placed on the recognition of emergencies and how to respond to these emergencies. Deep water spinal rollovers are introduced. This course is combined with Standard First Aid.
Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid.

LSS National Lifeguard (16 yrs+)
This course is required to become a certified lifeguard. You will learn various lifesaving techniques and take part in practical situations.
Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid (need not be current) from Lifesaving Society, Canadian Red Cross, St John Ambulance or Canadian Ski Patrol. Must be 16 years old by the last day of the course.
Extra Charges for Alert manual ($40).

LSS – National Lifeguard Recertification
This recertification clinic is for certified NLS lifeguards. You must bring proof of your most recent National Lifeguard certification to the course. This is a re-exam course, and involves fitness skills and guard situations.
Prerequisite: National Lifeguard certification (need not be current).

First Aid Programs:
LSS Standard First Aid and CPR-C
This 16 hour course provides comprehensive training, covering topics such as medical/legal information, spinal injuries, heat/cold emergencies, bone and joint injuries, burns, medical emergencies, and AED use. There will be both practical and written assessments. Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid is WSIB recognized.

LSS Standard First Aid/CPR-C Recertification
This 8 hour course is a 're testing' of your knowledge of the Standard First Aid Course, including CPR-C and AED for public access. There will be both practical and written assessments. Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid is WSIB recognized.
Prerequisite: Your last first aid course must be a Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid full course (not recertification), within the last 3 years to be eligible for this course. Participants who do not qualify under the recertification policy cannot be certified.

Certification Program Policies:
-100% mandatory attendance.
-Please check course prerequisites before registering. If an individual does not meet the course prerequisites, they will not be allowed to continue in the course. A refund for this reason will be subject to a $30 administrative fee.

-Please bring a copy of any prerequisites to the first day of the course.
-Many courses have an examination session. Candidates in those programs must successfully complete all aspects of the course, including the examination session in order to be successful in the course.


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