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"This was a place my kids could go and feel like they were at camp and I could let them go knowing that they were in safe capable loving hands. What a weight lifted off our shoulders...everyone knows you're there and truly wants you to succeed in everything you do. They have a team of people from every walk of life that can relate to you on some level."

 The Y community has thousands of stories like this. Supporting the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign directly supports children, teens and young adults in your community. Everyone is welcome at the YMCA.


Swim Lessons

Splashers (3 months - 18 months)
Designed for parents/caregivers and child to become comfortable in the water together. Learn basic swim and safety skills in a fun and safe environment. Instruction includes comfort in the water, splashes with arms and legs, pool area orientation,
songs and free time for questions and play.

Bubblers (18 months - 3 years)
Building on what was learned in Splashers, children and their parents/caregivers learn how to hold wall and kick feet, front/back float assisted, and safe swimming. Songs, games, and free time are also included.

YMCA L’il Dippers Program (Ages 3 - 5 years)

This beginner level focuses on safety, entering and exiting the pool, progression for submersion and short swims, assisted floats and propulsion.


At this level, children learn deep water awareness, pool rules, how to wear a personal floatation device (PFD), assisted jumps into the water, unassisted bobs, blowing bubbles, and retrieving objects.


This intermediate level introduces deep water activities and front and back swims to a distance of 5m.

In this intermediate level, children continue to develop deep water skills, work on arm action and increase front and back swim distances to 10m.

This advanced level explores diving, surface support, creative pool entries and extends swim distances to 15m - 25 m.

In this advanced level, children further refine front and back crawl to distances of  25 - 50m,  deep water activities and skills are explored.

YMCA Learn to Swim Program (Ages 6-12 years)


This beginner level focuses on safety, entering and exiting the pool, progression for submersion and short  distance swim of 5m, assisted floats and propulsion.

This beginner level introduces deep water jumping, breath control and surface support.  Participants continue to develop floats, glides and distance swim of 10m.


Building on what was learned in Seal, the child spends more time in deep water.  Endurance in increased to distances of 15m for front and back swim .  Front crawl is introduced.

In this level, participants progress to treading water for 60 seconds, front crawl for 25m distance, and are introduced to resuscitation.

YMCA Star Program (Ages 6-12 years)

Star 1
Continuing on from Swimmer level the participant will work on developing their front crawl to the intermediate standard and back crawl to initial standard.  Endurance will be developed as the participant works toward completing a 75m swim.

Star 2
Participants continue to develop front and back crawl as well as elementary backstroke.  Front crawl and back crawl starts are learned in this level as is headfirst sculling.  Breaststroke is introduced.

Star 3
Participants continue to develop front and back crawl as well as elementary backstroke.  Front crawl and back crawl starts are learned in this level as is headfirst sculling.  Breaststroke is introduced. Building endurance and perfecting strokes. Participants are required to complete a 300 m endurance swim.  Front crawl and back crawl are at advanced standard while elementary backstroke is at intermediate standard and breaststroke is at initial standard.  Foot first sculling and back crawl turn are learned.

Star 4
Participants learn about drowning prevention, develop higher level rescue skills and build further endurance.

Star 5
While working on increasing endurance, participants are introduced to sidestroke.  Other strokes are being developed as well.  The breaststroke start and turn as well as the front crawl turn are introduced at this time. Surface dives and synchro skills are at the heart of this level.  Endurance is now a 500 m swim.

Star 6
Advanced synchro skills and some water polo skills are learned at this level.  As well some unique swim strokes are introduced like waltz crawl, inverted breaststroke and double over arm backstroke.  Participants continue to develop their endurance with a 600 m swim.

Masters Swim
This is a competitive program for adults and teens interested in training with others. Workouts include interval training and drills, as well as stroke correction. This is an ideal program for both competitive swimmers and triathletes.

Adult Swim Lessons (13+ years)
Beginner lessons geared towards the non-swimmer or those who fear the water. Stroke improvement tips and techniques are offered to the intermediate swimmer who would like to improve their swimming skills.

Private Lessons
Individual one on one swim lessons are available for an additional fee. Appointments for swim instruction can be made to accommodate your schedule. Contact the Aquatics Supervisor for details.

16-week Programs
16-week programs allow YMCA instructors to interact for a longer period of time with the children in their lesson. This allows instructors and children to form a closer and more lasting relationship to aid with meaningful skill development.

The 16-week program also makes registration simpler for parents and guardians. You will no longer have to register for two 8-week sessions at registration time. If your child progresses from their current level onto the next one before the end of the 16-week session, the instructor will move your child on to new skills from the next level automatically, without having to switch instructors or levels.

Missed Lessons
As before, our policy does not allow for made up lessons for any reason. If your child cannot attend their lesson you do not need to call in. If your child misses 3 straight lessons, we will contact you to inquire if you would like to continue with the swim lesson or withdraw. After 4 missed lessons your child will be removed from the swim lesson to make room for other children, exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration.


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