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Lanf Fitness Classes

(All participants should bring a towel, water bottle and their own stretch/yoga mat).

Cycling: A cardiovascular workout with a variety of intensity options. Location: upper studio

Cyclefit:  A cardiovascular workout using the bike intermixed with free and body weight strength training.

Group Active: Increase your cardio fitness with straight forward step routines, strength train with free weights, develop your core and flexibility all in the span of an hour. Great music to inspire you. Location: lower studio

Group Blast: 60 minutes of cardio training using “the step” in highly creative and effective ways.  Think boot camp using the step. Fitness, agility, coordination and strength will be challenged in this fast paced class. Location: lower studio

Group Centergy: Fundamental yoga and pilates moves are used to develop strength, flexibility and stamina. A dynamic class that will improve overall fitness. Location: lower and upper studio

Group Core: Train like an athlete in 30 action packed minutes. Challenge your body from shoulders to hips to improve athletic performance, prevent back pain and develop ripped abs. Location: lower studio

Group Fight:  Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness.  Burn calories and build total body strength in this one hour class. Location: lower studio

Group Power: In this hour of power barbell work will strengthen all major muscles in a motivating group environment. Location: lower studio

HiiT Training:  is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Location: lower studio

Advanced Kettlebells: A series of kettlebell exercises combined in a circuit to improve strength, coordination, power and core stability.  Location: upper studio

Lite n’ Lively: A lower intensity workout specifically designed for older adults. It contains all components of fitness. Don’t let the name mislead you-a class comprised of controlled conditioning movements. All ages welcome.  Location: upper studio

Turf Time Circuit:  Experience our functional training space with this circuit class.  Location:  2nd floor turf

Rumba: A fusion of high energy music with a balance of Latin and current songs. Dance your way through an hour of fitness. Location: lower studio

Run Club:  Outdoor run club geared to all ability levels.  No one is left behind.  Walk to Run or all running.  Everyone is supported. Location:  front foyer

Tae Bo: Combine principles from boxing, martial arts and dance to create a great work out. Location: lower studio

Tai Chi: An instructional program that focuses on the art of moving energy. Location: upper studio

TRX/Body Sculpt:  A circuit style class relying primarily on the TRX system to challenge all muscle groups.  Location: lower studio

Yoga: Techniques focusing on posture, breathing and meditation. Participants will gain strength and flexibility as well as developing mind and body relaxation. (Option to bring own mat). Location: upper studio

Yoga Stretch: An opportunity to enhance flexibility and joint mobility to compliment your existing training routine,.and assist in pain management and recovery.

YConnections: Primarily chair exercise with a focus on balance, yoga and strength.  See in branch schedule. 

Weekend Bootcamp Extreme: An early morning weekend session supported by two personal trainers.  Participants are challenged and supported through a variety of different training experiences. All fitness levels are encouraged to attend.  


Aqua Deep: A challenging work out in the deep end. Floatation belts provided. Swimmers and

non-swimmers welcome.

Aqua Shallow: An invigorating class that combines cardiovascular and strength conditioning.

Aqua Shallow Gentle:  All components of a traditional water class but at a slower pace and with the support of a kick board, noodle or flotation weights.

Aqua Yoga:  Yoga movements in the water.  Focus on flexibility and balance.

Tri-Swimming:  Coached lane swimming to improve your triathlon performance.  All are welcome.  Location:  pool

Each new member to the YMCA is encouraged to take advantage of three wellness coaching

sessions to acclimatize you to the fitness equipment in our wellness center.

YThrive:  Work out cards geared for specific fitness challenges.  Orientation sessions will support your training.  Sign up at Membership or see a Wellness Coach.

Having trouble meeting your goals?
One-on-one training assists in building realistic goals and developing the techniques to achieve your desired outcomes.

Kick Start Training One-on-One: Eight forty-five minutes sessions working one-on-one with a Personal Trainer. This is your most economical package option for personal training.

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