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Join us after school! Busing to Our Lady of Lourdes and Parkview will be facilitated through Student Transportations services. Our trained staff will deliver value based programming that engages kids in active recreational activities. Interactive games, crafts, music, dance and formal sports will be mixed to offer a great variety of programming. Lessons on nutrition will also be delivered each Wednesday to ensure kids learn how to eat a balanced diet. Snacks are to be provided by the parents for both before and after school times except on Wednesdays.

Child Programs

Active & Creative Kids
Offers a variety of activities for children including sports, crafts, active games and fitness. The goal of this program is to encourage children to have a healthy lifestyle in a supervised, fun and safe environment.

Dance involves movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music. It's a fun form of expression, social interaction and exercise. This program will be taught by a qualified, third party, Dance Instructor from Absolute Dance in Kilworth. Children will learn the fundamental movements of Jazz and Hip-Hop in a fun and interactive way.

A non-aggressive approach toward conflict resolution is emphasized in this program as well as instruction in all the basic blocks, kicks and striking techniques. Skills are taught in a fun, interactive games approach format.  **Attendance on both days is MANDATORY for grading purposes.

Music* (by Cantus Academy)
Instrument rentals may be available through
Cantus Academy.

Beginner Ensemble Music (by Cantus Academy) (5-8 yrs) *
This class provides an introduction to music for ages 5-8. Students will choose an instrument (violin, viola, or cello) and learn the basics on instrument care, technique, fun music history and musical theory.

Intermediate Ensemble Music (by Cantus Academy) (9-13 yrs)*
This class will take all musicians, beginner and experienced alike, and begin the process of instructing smaller groups to play their instruments together. They will learn about
playing an instrument and reading sheet music.

Physical Literacy Floor Hockey *
This floor hockey program emphasizes physical literacy and aims to help little ones develop and build upon their fundamental movement skills. This is achieved though games and activities that promote this development.


Silly Science*
Become a YMCA Silly Scientist learning through experimentation! Participate in hands on science experiments and sit in on exciting science demonstrations!


Learn more about Physical literacy at the Y
* Registration required.
**Registration & fees apply.

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