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Get more at the Y!

The Y is making it easier for families to spend more time together. We will be introducing new programs at each branch for you to enjoy. Get more fun, more value and more family with the Y!

Children love to explore their creative movement in the fun environment which is filled with songs, imagination and interpretation of music. The love for dance is emphasized as basic dance moves are developmentally introduced. Flexibility, co-ordination, agility, body awareness, confidence, strength, rhythm, and style are an integral part of the techniques and are developed in these fun classes.

Climbing Ropes
Our new High Ropes program is a fantastic way for your child to grow in strength, mind and body. Your child will reach new heights both mentally and physically, while challenging their inner strength. High ropes will give your child confidence in their ability to reach the top and never give up. This team building exercise will reinforce the importance of mutual trust and support, as friends cheer from the ground. Watch as your child reaches new heights in their confidence, strength and ability as they meet new friends and tackle the high ropes.

In a group of like-minded individuals, your child will explore their values and learn how to be a successful leader. Your child will gain an appreciation for open mindedness, self-reflection, positive peer relationships and community involvement through this mentorship program. Each week participants will have the opportunity to explore new themes and activities including; rope courses, nutrition, art, fitness, science, special guest speakers and lots more!

Teen Nights
Teen Nights will provide a safe and welcoming space for youth.  A place where youth can interact with their peers and explore what the Y has to offer.  Teen Nights are about spaces – open, free, welcoming spaces, not programming.  This program will be open to all; members and nonmembers.

Growing Chefs
Growing Chefs! Ontario cooking programs offered in partnership with the YMCA of Western Ontario are all about having fun exploring food and cooking!  Children will learn the basics of food preparation, cooking techniques, healthy eating – but most of all, they'll learn how to create and enjoy amazing food with professional chefs.

Martial Arts
Our Martial Arts program is the perfect place for your child to gain confidence in their physical abilities. Martial Arts focus on self-development skills, such as perseverance and hard work.  This program will teach your child how to maintain physical fitness and teach them valuable skills that will last a lifetime. Watch as your child tests their physical abilities and grows in mind and body.

Tree House
Our Interactive, three-level indoor play structure is an exciting place for your young kids to climb, slide and play!  A fun and safe area for your child to develop their motor function and get their energy out! Our play land is a great place to have your child’s birthday party or group event.  Children 8 years of age and younger require parental supervision when not signed into a Y program.

See below for branch details and demo dates.

Bob Hayward
Program                  Launch Date
Tree House               September 8
Dance                      September 8
Leadership                September 8
Teen Nights               September 8
Martial Arts                September 8
Growing Chefs            TBA
New Equipment          Complete

Centre Branch
Program                Launch Date
Tree House             September 8
Dance                    September 8
Leadership              September 8
Teen Nights            September 8
Martial Arts             September 8
Growing Chefs         TBA
New Equipment        Complete

Middlesex Centre

Program                   Launch Date
High ropes                 September 8
Dance                       September 8
Leadership                 September 8
Teen Nights               September 8
Martial Arts                September 8
Growing Chefs            TBA
Stoney Creek
Program                   Launch Date
High ropes                  September 8
Dance                        September 8
Leadership                  September 8
Teen Nights                 September 8
Martial Arts                 September 8
Growing Chefs             TBA
New Equipment           Complete

Program                     Launch Date
Dance                           September 8
Leadership                     September 8
Teen Nights                    September 8
Martial Arts                    September 8
Growing Chefs                TBA
New Equipment               Complete

St Thomas-Elgin

Program                     Launch Date
High ropes                    September 8
Dance                           September 8
Leadership                    September 8
Teen Nights                    September 8
Martial Arts                    September 8
Growing Chefs                TBA
New Equipment              Complete

Program                     Launch Date

High ropes                     September 8
Dance                            September 8
Leadership                     September 8
Teen Nights                     September 8
Karate                           September 8
Growing Chefs                TBA
New Equipment               Complete

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