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Day Camp Programs

Our many YMCA day camp sites offer programming that reflects each sites unique characteristics. We create programming with an emphasis on developmental progressions so that your camper can to return to camp week after week and year after year and continually experience something new or a higher skill level with new challenges.

Rovers (4 - 5 years old)
Rovers participate in an action packed program designed specifically for this special age group. Making new friends and building on the YMCA core values of honesty and respect, Rovers will participate in small and large group activities. Exploring the outdoors, learning camp cheers, and joining together for games and crafts will keep Rovers busy all day.

Trailblazers (6 - 8 years old)
Throughout the week, campers are included in decisions about the program and the schedule is designed to empower Trailblazers to choose different activities that interest them. Working with the YMCA core values of respect and responsibility, Trailblazers will participate in classic camp games and then choose from a selection of fun-filled activities. Theatre games, team sports, water activities, outdoor hikes, and creative crafts are some of the options Trailblazers will get a chance to experience.

Explorers (9 - 10 years old)
Our committed camp staff and the varied programming offered through the Explorer program combine to allow campers to learn and develop confidence and help to increase their self esteem. Building on a progressive model, Explorers will be exposed to more skill-based activities and have choices throughout the week to select activities and skills they would like to develop. Campers are encouraged to try new things and weekly Big Day themes and special events make Explorers an adventurous and memorable program.

Mavericks (11 - 12 years old)
Our Maverick program has been designed to keep campers excited about coming to camp for either a week or the entire summer. With an emphasis on fun, fitness, fundamentals, fair play and friends, Mavericks will participate in traditional camp programs and then choose some programming of particular interest to them. Working on leadership, team-building and initiative, Mavericks set an example for our younger campers through some direct leadership experience and gain important skills to gear-up for the teenage years.

Leadership 1 (13 - 16 year olds)
Leadership 1 is all about starting your journey to becoming a leader. Leadership skills developed in this program will help you be a better leader in your school, community or at the YMCA. We’ll cover the basics of what it takes to be a great leader and examine some of the qualities that an influential leader in your life has. Activities emphasize goal setting, teambuilding, cooperation and effective communication. Upon successful completion of the Leadership program, a volunteer on site day camp placement will be discussed.

Leadership 2 (13 - 16 year olds)
Leadership 2 expands on the fundamentals of leadership covered in Leadership 1. This program dives deeper into effective qualities of great leaders, how they communicate, motivate and inspire those they lead as well as adapting the leadership style based on the situation.  Upon successful completion of the Leadership program, a volunteer on site day camp placement will be discussed.

Leadership 3 (15 - 16 year olds)
Leadership 3 expands on the fundamentals of leadership covered in Leadership 2. This program is specifically designed for youth who want to become day camp Counsellors. Sessions include the principals of YMCA Healthy Child Development, camper characteristics and activity leadership.

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