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Experience some of the premier wilderness destinations in Ontario through CQE’s outtrip programs. Our 1 and 2-week camping trips are a great opportunity for youth to experience the great outdoors, as they learn camping skills, environmental stewardship and develop leadership skills. All of our trips are co-educational, and the routes are designed to meet specific needs of each group.


Two Week Algonquin (July 14-27, 2019)
For campers ages 12-14

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in the Ontario Parks system.  Algonquin is known for it’s beautiful lakes, rocky ridges and dense forested areas.  Our campers will spend their first and last nights at CQE and in between will travel along a beautiful route through the park for 11 nights seeing what the park has to offer.


One Week Killarney (July 28-August 3, 2019)
For campers ages 12-14
Killarney is often considered to be the hidden gem of the Ontario Parks system. It is home to the La Cloche Mountain Range, crystal clear water and amazing white quartzite rocks. These wonderful cliff faces were once taller than the Rocky Mountain, and over millions of years this range has worn into smooth white rock.  Our route will take the group through the unspoiled wilderness of the Park. The park is located just south of Sudbury, along the northern shore of Georgian Bay about 3 hours north of CQE. The park itself is mix of lakes, rivers and coastal waters.


One Week Massasauga (August 18-24, 2019)
For campers ages 10-12

This trip in Massasauga Provincial Park is perfect for younger or first time trippers. Campers will learn paddling, packing, cooking and navigation skills that will make the group true outtrippers by the end of the week. The Park is located just south of Parry Sound, and comprises a group of small lakes and islands on the coast of Georgian Bay. Windswept pines and rocky shores make this trip an ideal experience for any camper interested in exploring.


Providing a safe experience on our trips is our number one priority at Camp Queen Elizabeth. We take a pro-active approach to managing risks on trip through several avenues:

Trip Leaders
We hire experienced and qualified leaders for our trips through a competitive hiring process each. In addition to the CPR C, Standard 1st Aid and Lifeguard qualifications held by all of our staff, trip leaders have additional Wilderness First Aid certification and have extensive experience as participants and leaders on a wide variety of camping trips. Our trip leaders also obtain training in ORCKA (Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association) canoeing and tripping skills from expert canoeists. Trip leaders are carefully selected not only for their tripping qualifications, but also for their experience working with youth in a variety of settings.

Each year, all of our trip leaders undergo an intensive risk-management training session that helps prepare them to understand how to manage risks properly while out on trip. 

Route Planning
Our routes are custom designed for each group. This enables us to take into account the age and experience of the group in order to have a challenging, yet accessible wilderness experience.

Every trip takes some form of communication device with them on trip: a satellite phone, a satellite messenger, or a cellular phone is used, depending on location. These devices allow the trip leaders to communicate with the Camp or emergency services if needed.


Outtrip campers arrive at Camp Queen Elizabeth with all other campers on the first day of the session. They spend their first afternoon and evening packing, planning and practicing in their boats. The first night is spent on Beausoleil Island, sleeping in the tents they will use on trip. On Monday morning, the group will be driven in our camp vehicles to their drop-off point.

The majority of time on our trips is spent on the water, paddling to their next campsite. The distance paddled each day depends on the trip and the experience of the group. On our 2-week trips the group will have at least one rest day, where they will stay on the same campsite and rest, go on a hike, or a day paddle.
The group will be picked up on the final Friday of the session, and arrive back at CQE in time for our final banquet and closing campfire. They will spend their last night at the camp in tents, and head out of Saturday morning with the rest of the campers.

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