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TESTIMONIALS: What Teachers are Saying 

"I’ve been bringing my grade 1 class for 5 years now and we always thoroughly enjoy it and learn lots of important lessons!"

"As a teacher I loved the walk through the village and review of the safety rules. Students love driving the Jeeps!"

"Excellent presentation! It was at the kids level. Both the Fire and Police presenters were kind, humorous and spoke clearly to the students, which helped to keep the students interested and engaged."  

"I bring my grade ones every year!"

Learning to leave through the window is a great idea!  Great real life lessons!

"We take this trip each year with our grade one classes and this trip generates wonderful discussion when we return."  

The experience was very engaging and relevant to our curriculum expectations.

"It’s an excellent combination of structure and hands on."

"Great message, very interactive and age appropriate."

"Kids loved seeing the Police & Fire uniform and safety gear!"

"Great classroom review of safety rules and fun walk outside in the village, jeep driving was the best!"

"This is a yearly event that we look forward to year after year for our grade one classes!"

"The safety education on the smart board were excellent and right at their level!"

"Wow! I thought it was very well organized and interactive! Fantastic! The students loved it!"

"Awesome! The kids really understood how serious fire safety is!"

"I have had the opportunity to hear many different police presenters over the years and they all have easily held the attention of my classes."

"It is a very effective program. Older brothers and sisters always tell how exciting this trip is and it shows they really remember the information."

"The bedroom scenario is very good – I think the students really need this."

"The working traffic lights are a great addition to the Police program!"

"The video was a great way to teach the kids fire safety. They loved to practice using the ladder!"

"The information was presented in a kid friendly manner – an excellent experience!"

"The kids loved the visit. Thanks for providing this wonderful educational opportunity!"

"Even I learned something new from this program!"

"The jeeps were a hit and something the students will talk about for ages!"

"Both presentations were great! We will be back next year! Merci!"

"Thank you to everyone who helps make this experience possible. It is so valuable for the students and is always a highlight. What a great program!"

"We attend every year as part of our social studies healthy curriculum. Always a great program!"

"I love this program. It is one of mine and my student’s favorite field trips."

"Truly excellent! Reinforces what we have been talking about in the class, but it puts our words into actions."

"Excellent safety tips to take home!"

"Thanks for the info that will make a difference in years to come!"

"Great to make the connection between road signs and the signs on the bottles!"

"It was great! The kids loved it and seemed really into it!"

"Well presented – very  age appropriate!"

"It was great! The children were engaged in the lesson!"

"Great asset with smart board and children interaction and participation. Police Constable did an excellent job teaching the class about safety."

"The demonstrations were age appropriate and kept the classes interest and attention! Thank you!"

"Fantastic program so well organized! The kids love the interactive activities."

"I really enjoyed that the kids heard the rules of the road and then got to put the theory into action."

"WONDERFUL! Right at the kids level and interesting. Thank you!"

"Great program to help kids stay safe on the road!"

"A great program to help families be and stay safe in case of fire!"

"Very informative! Liked how you tied in what they learned and did in grade one!"

"The kids LOVE riding the bikes!"

"Children learned bike safety and heightened their awareness of rules of the road and bike safety equipment."

"Very well run program! All aspects of bike safety reviewed. Kids really liked using bikes to put into practice what they learned."

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