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Traditional Camp Life

A Typical Day

7:30 a.m.:Wake-up/Ducky Dip
8:00 a.m.: Tablesetters
8:20 a.m.: Flagraising
8:30 a.m.: Breakfast
9:15 a.m.: Cabin Clean-up
9:45 a.m.: First Morning Activity
11:00 a.m.: Second Morning Activity
12:10 p.m.: Free Swim
12:30 p.m.: Tablesetters
12:45 p.m.: Lunch
1:30 p.m.: Rest Hour
2:30 p.m.: First Cabin Activity
3:45 p.m.: Bodybreak
4:00 p.m.: Second Cabin Activity
5:30 p.m.: Tablesetters
5:45pm: Dinner
7:00pm: Free Choice
8:00pm: Evening Cabin Activity
9:00pm: Late Evening Cabin Activity (Bedtime for younger campers)
9:30 to 10pm: Bedtime


All campers at CQE live in cabins, which sleep 10 people (8 campers and 2 counsellors).  Our cabins are basic living spaces, designed to be comfortable and welcoming during rest hours and at night-time.  All of our cabins have electricity, porches, and storage space for personal items.

Campers are served 3 delicious meals each day, as well as a mid afternoon and evening  snack.  Our menu is designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing, active campers. Our kitchen is run by a Food Service Manager with extensive experience in operating a camp kitchen. We pride ourselves in trying whenever possible to make food from scratch and to use as little pre-packaged food items as possible.

Meals are an important part of camp: it is a time for a cabin to sit down together and share stories with one another. All of our meals are done “family-style”, where campers eat with their cabins for the entire meal. Campers help with setting and clearing their table, and bringing food back and forth from the good food window.

At the end of every meal we have a set of announcements, which help prepare campers for the rest of their day. More often than not, skits, songs and interesting characters will make appearances during the announcements as well!

Examples of Typical Menu Items (there are always alternative options for those with dietary restrictions):





• Cereal, Oatmeal, Juice, Yogurt, Milk and Fruit (at every Breakfast)

• Muffins

• Bagels

• Breakfast sandwiches

• Pancakes and Sausage/Bacon

• French Toast

• Scrambled Eggs and Hasgbrowns

• Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

• Buffalo Chicken Wraps

• Chicken Caesar Wraps

• Make-your-own sandwiches

• Perogies

• Hot Dogs

• Chicken Burgers

• Salad (at every dinner)

• Lasagna

•Chicken Parmesan

• Burgers

• Stir-fry

• Spaghetti

• Pizza

• Tacos

• Fajitas

• Sheppard’s Pie

• Cookies

• Brownies

• Freezies

• Rice Krispies

• Ice Cream

• Poo Balls

• Fruit




Each week campers are at camp, they select two activities to participate in throughout the week.  We have a wide range of activities, designed to promote teamwork, positive group play and to build confidence.

Each day brings a different water-based activities designed to encourage a love of swimming and to improve campers’ water skills. Typically activities include: snorkeling, water polo, water games, beach parties.

Step to the line, nock your arrow, fire at will! At CQE’s archery range campers can hone their archery skills. Instructors will provide basic skills and tips to help campers get a bullseye.

Arts & Crafts
The Arts & Crafts program at CQE brings out the creative side of every camper. Each summer we offer a mix of traditional camp crafts such as beading, candle making, painting, bracelet-making and tye-dying, as well as new creative activities each summer. Join the fun and create camp crafts that will stay with you all year long.

Cando is a grab bag of fun, challenging, cooperative games and activities which include Capture the Flag, initiative tasks, kick-the-can, raft-building, and a wide variety of other imaginative activities which everyone ‘can do’. The focus of all of the activities is on using active games to build confidence, cooperation and teamwork in campers.

Canoeing is the cornerstone of traditional camp activities at CQE, and is an invaluable skill to learn as a camper. The canoeing program consists of four levels, progressing from basic strokes, to learning how to stern a canoe, to advanced soloing techniques. The goal of our canoeing program is to develop the skills that will enable campers to be comfortable and have confidence in a canoe, whether on an extended paddling trip in Northern Ontario or out for a leisurely paddle with family and friends

Musical Theatre
Creative Arts is CQE’s theatre and drama program. Campers in this program have the opportunity to be involved in performing a play for the entire camp at the end of the session. Daily activities include improvisational games, theatre sports, communication activities that increase confidence and self awareness.

In fishing, campers will learn how proper technique and safety procedures as well as information about the various species of fish found in Georgian Bay. Each day campers have the opportunity to fish in a different location around camp.

Guitar* & Ukulele
CQE’s guitar and ukulele program is designed as an introduction to  these timeless campfire instruments. Instruction includes learning the parts of the instruments, basic chords and chord changes, and learning to play some classic songs.

CQE offers four levels of flat-water kayaking. Level one focuses on straight line paddling and becoming comfortable in the boat. In level two, campers build more strokes into their repertoire and begin to learn bow rolls. In levels 3 and 4, campers learn advanced paddling techniques such as high and low braces, as well as advanced kayak rolls such as the screw roll and the hand roll.

Plan, develop and construct items from clay with the use of our pottery wheels and creative lesson plans. Campers have the opportunity to create pottery pieces to bring home after camp!

Art Lochead Sailing School
Sailing is consistently one of the most popular activities at CQE and consists of four progressive levels. Level 1 (Crew) is designed to build confidence and comfort in a sailboat. Campers learn basic theory, knots, and get to sail with one of our experienced instructors. Level 2 (Mate) focuses on learning how to sail with another sailor, and introduces campers to steering and rescue techniques. Levels 3 and 4 (Mate-Skipper and Skipper) are a mix of advanced sailing theory and learning how to skipper boat in a variety of conditions.

Swimming Lessons
Activities developed to focus on improving swimming skills and comfort in the water. Instruction is designed to be suitable for swimmers at all levels. CQE levels are based on YMCA swimming categories.

Wilderness Pursuits
Wilderness Pursuits or “W.P.” is a must for campers who want to develop their outdoor living skills while heightening their awareness of their natural surroundings. Activities include fire building (using a variety of traditional and modern methods), outdoor cooking, shelter building, understanding weather patterns and environmental camping practices.

CQE offers three levels that provide a different sort of sailing challenge for campers. Level 1 orients campers with the basic theory needed for windsurfing, and gives plenty of time to become comfortable on the board. In levels 2 and 3, campers learn how to successfully maneuver in a variety of wind conditions as they sail around Goblin Bay.

*Age or size restrictions may apply


Opening Campfire
On the first night, the entire camp joins together at Master Campfire to sing songs, meet the staff, and have a good time.

Camper Entertainment Night
Each cabin puts on a performance for the rest of the camp to display their creativity. Skits, songs, dances are among the performances that we see throughout the evening.

Big Day (2-week camps only)
On the middle Saturday of our 2-week sessions, the whole camp participates in a theme-day filled with heroes and villains, games and excitement, and a delicious outdoor BBQ for dinner.

Psychedelic Sunday (2-week camps only)
The middle Sunday at camp begins with sleep-in, followed by a big brunch to get everyone going for the day.  We then take some time to think about the past week and the week to come at Reflections. The afternoon is filled with various activities throughout camp, followed by a theme dinner for the entire camp. We cap things off in the evening with Camper Campfire, where each cabin performs their favourite campfire song.

A fun-filled evening that begins with a wide range of games, activities, and dancing followed by a hilarious set of skits and performances by the CQE Staff.

Closing Council
Every Session at CQE concludes with our final campfire. It is a special night for everyone to gather together one last time and celebrate all of the memories and friends that were made over the course of the session.

Cabin Activities

Every afternoon and evening is spent in activities with your cabin group.  On the first day of camp, counsellors will get ideas from the entire camp for the types of activities they are interested in, and plan out a schedule accordingly.

Some common cabin activities are:
• Capture the Flag
• Sailing
• Rocky mountain baseball
• Frisbee Golf
• Canoe Bombs
• Gaga Ball
• Scavenger Hunts
• Initiative Games
• Drama Games
• Saunas
• Campfires
• Stargazing
• Mission Impossible
• Jump, Twist or Dive
• Watermelon football
• Beach Party
• Earthwalk
• Snorkeling
• Swimming
• Kayak Tag/Relays
• Hikes
• Newspaper fashions
• Big sister/brother
• Incredible Machine

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