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Aquatic Programs

Adult Swim
Enjoy the congenial atmosphere of the pool with the company of other adults.  Participants must be 14 years of age to have access at this time. Come join us. There's no need to register!

Adult Swim Lessons
Beginner lessons geared towards the non-swimmer or those who fear the water. Stroke improvement tips and techniques are offered to the intermediate swimmer who would like to improve their swimming skills. Come join us.

Youth Swim Lessons
Want to learn to swim in an environment with your peers? This class is designed for youth aged 13-24 to enhance swimming abilities and technique, whether it be for endurance, fitness, lifesaving or safety.

Gentle Joints 
This class is a leisurely paced aquatic class focusing on proper body alignment and uses the water as resistance for cardiovascular and muscular endurance training. Come join us. There's no need to register!

Lane Swim
Increase your fitness while swimming in the pool.  Lanes are designated by slow, medium, and fast speeds. Continuous swimming in the lanes is encouraged. Come join us. There's no need to register!

Open Swim
Recreational swim time for all ages. Children under the age of 8 must have adult caregiver supervision. Come join us. There's no need to register!

Shallow / Deep Aquafit
A combination Aqua fit class is designed to meet the cardiovascular needs of participants in both the deep and shallow ends of the pool. This type of Aqua fit class is ideal for cross training for fit individuals, but also for beginners who want an energetic exercise routine. Come join us for the class. There's no need to register!


Y Torpedoes*
By registering your child in Y Torpedoes, you are giving them the opportunity to experience what a swim team is like, with a chance to show off these new skills at a swim meet at the end of the program. Coaches run drills to improve stroke technique and speed, as well as teach other important components to racing such as dive entries and flip turns. 

This water based drop - in  fitness class I sdesigned as a high intensity total body workout, providing a balance of cardiovascular and muscular strength components completed in the deep end of the pool. 

Swim Able *
This unique and carefully designed inclusive swim program is geared towards children and youth with behavioral or learning barriers.This one on one aquatic program will accommodate different learning styles while providing a fun and safe learning environment in the water. All participants will have the opportunity to interact with other swimmers, learn about water safety and complete YMCA Swim levels at their own pace. (Registration must take place through the Aquatic Supervisor) 

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