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Aquatic Programs

Lane Swim

During this time there are lanes available for participants to swim for fitness purposes in the pool.  All swimmers are asked to swim continuously, but any in water exercise is permissible so long as the participant is following the lane direction indicated. Swimmers must be 13 years of age or older

Family Swim

A swim for all family members to attend. Children  8 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (13+) who is within arms reach in the pool. Please note Family Swim in the small pool is held at a depth of 0.8m (0.5 m weekday mornings).

This class has all the components of a fitness class, including cardio, muscle strengthening and endurance and stretching. This type of Aquafit class is ideal for cross training for fit individuals, but also for beginners who want an energetic exercise routine. Our aquafit classes take place on one side of the pool so both shallow and deep options are available to everyone who participates. 

Deep Aquafit - Class will be lead in the family pool at a 2.4m depth. Particiapnts are encouraged to use a flotation device during class. 

Shallow Aquafit - Class will be lead in the family pool at a 1.2m depth. 

Y Torpedoes
By registering your child in Y Torpedoes, you are giving them the opportunity to experience what a swim team is like, with a chance to show off these new skills at a swim meet at the end of the program. Coaches run drills to improve stroke technique and speed, as well as teach other important components to racing such as dive entries and flip turns. This program is divided into two levels, Torpedoes One and Torpedoes Two, and is designed for children ages 6-12.  

Adult Masters
The Masters swim program provides an intense swim workout through a variety of strokes and drills, resulting in an average swim distance of about 2200m, including a warm-up and cool down routine. The swim coach creates unique workout sequences to ensure you receive a challenging swim, while developing stroke technique and improving endurance, strength, and efficiency of the stroke. 


Water Walking 
Water walking is a great time for you and your friends to catch up and talk while also getting a gentle workout in the pool. The class takes place in the shallow end of our pool, where instructors lead the class through a light-intensity cardio workout that consists of walking around in the water. Movements are forward, backward, and side-to-side which works both your balance and core! 

 Gentle Joints 
This class is for people looking for a light, low impact, joint-friendly workout. You will improve your core strength, endurance, range of motion, flexibility and balance. Gentle Joints is a great class for those looking to ease into physical activity or individuals managing a chronic health condition as it follows a gentler pace. The class is held in the shallow end of the pool, so all swimmers are welcome! 

Parent & Tot
This drop-in swim program is designed for children under 3 years of age and their caregiver to experience and interact with water through songs and activities lead by a swim instructor. Free time is also given to play with noodles, toys and mats, or simply to swim and enjoy the water! This fun environment allows children to discover at a young age what swimming is like at a pool. These classes are offered Monday-Friday and Sunday at 9:00am and run for 45 minutes.




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