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Association Administrative Staff

Senior Leadership Team

LOCKIE, Andrew 519.907.5500 x 1120 email CEO

ENNIS, Mike 519.907.5500 x 1100 email Senior Vice President - Operations

LOMAS MCGEE, Kathi 519.955.3432 email Senior Vice President - Operations

GILLESPIE, Krista 519.453.8858 x 1101  email Vice President, Camping and Youth Engagement

HIMBURY, Marilyn 519.907.5500 x 1173 email Vice President, Risk Management and IT 

PEEVER, Heidi 519.907.5500 x 1150 email Vice President, Development

RINKER, Jo-elle 519.907.5500 x 1050 email Vice President, Children's Educational Services

RUMIEL, Jacquie  email Vice President, Newcomer & Community Services

SHEARE, Elyse email Vice President, Marketing & Communications

STUB, Tracey 519.907.5500 x 1170 email Vice President, Human Resources

WALBY, Amy 519.907.5500 x 1121  email Vice President, Finance


Gonzalez, Kelly 519.453.8858 x 1104 email Supervisor of Camp Administration

Day Camp
JOHNSON, Ryan 519.453.8858 x 1106 email Supervisor of Day Camps, Outdoor Education and Safety Village

Overnight Camps
KNYF, Nancy 519.453.8858 x 1102 email General Manager of Overnight Camps

Camp (CQE)
MACGILLIVRAY, Campbell 519.453.8858 x 1100 email Camp Director, YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth
Camp (Henry)
Kulen, Terra 519.453.8858 x 1103 email Camp Director, YMCA Camp Henry



HARLEY, Christina 519.907.5500 x 1152 email Development Manager

RILEY, Melanie 519.907.5500 x 1151 email Development Manager

SUTHERLAND, Amanda 519.907.5500 x 1154 email  Development Officer



Accounts Payable email

STOSIC, Jelena 519.907.5500 x 1122 email  Assistant Controller


Marketing & Communications

GILLIS, Gerry 519.336.9622 x237 email Communications Manager


Information Technology

KRUEGER, Eric 519.907.5500 x 1180 email Manager IT


Children's Educational Services

Child Care Administration 519.907.0006 x 1072 email

FRIZELLE, Cyndi 519.907.5500 x 1051 email Regional Manager, Child Care

HAVEMAN, Jeff 519.907.5500 x 1069 email Regional Manager, Children’s Educational Services


Newcomer and Community Services

AMOS, Cathy 519.645.7553 x 2221 email Administrative Assistant, Educational Services

NIETO, Marcela 519.860.0907 email YMAP/Westminister Coordinator


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